Our Relationship is based on Mutual Respect

We agree to meet regularly in a comfortable location where confidentiality may be maintained. We agree to schedule 1.5 hour sessions. If more time is required, we agree to schedule a follow-up session as soon as both Director and Directee* are available.

*Directee is the Client


Time of Sessions and Changes

We agree to begin and end our sessions on time. An email reminder will be sent from the Director regarding all scheduled appointments. If a session date and time must be changed, we agree to provide the other 48-hours notice via email or phone*.

*Emergencies not withstanding


Boundaries of Confidentiality

Should the Directee share details of intentions to harm self or others, or know of others in these types of situations, the Director will contact the emergency support needed immediately. The Director will accompany the Directee during this time of emergency response and action.


      DIRECTEE’S NAME:_________________________________________________







      Signature of Spiritual Directee (Client)

      _________________________________________________Date: __________

      Signature of Spiritual Director

      _________________________________________________ Date: __________


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