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Spiritual Directors most often work in isolation. We meet with clients/directees one-to-one or in small groups. It is our desire to be aware that the Divine/God/Spirit is always present. However, there are times when we need the support of a trained colleague - ideally in regular sessions. A supervisor can answer this need by offering a safe and sacred space in which to share and receive support and guidance. 

I am a trained Supervisor who also teaches supervision workshops. Lucy Abbott Tucker is my mentor and teacher. I use Lucy's model method to work with spiritual directors. It is a user-friendly way to approach supervision! Please see Lucy's workbook for more information: 

 Spiritual Direction Supervision: Principles, Practices & Storytelling

My Definition of SD Supervision:

A welcoming space where spiritual directors/companions may be supported and encouraged in their practices.

The supervision method I use is grounded in affirmation, self-reflection, consultation, challenge and education.

Directors/supervisees will come away from sessions with renewed energy and insights

into the practice of spiritual companionship.                       ~revised November 2023

Please reach out to me for a complimentary supervision session!


And see the agreement (below) that we will enter into if supervision with me feels like a good fit for you.




Our Relationship is based on Mutual Respect 

We agree to meet regularly in a comfortable location where confidentiality may be maintained. We agree to schedule 1-hour supervision sessions at regular intervals (monthly or quarterly). 

Time of Sessions and Changes 

We agree to begin and end our sessions on time. If a session date and time must be changed, we agree to provide the other 48-hours’ notice via email or phone*. 

*Emergencies not withstanding 

Boundaries of Confidentiality 

Should the Director* share details of intentions to harm, or know of others in these types of situations, the Supervisor will contact the emergency support needed immediately. The Supervisor will accompany the Director during this time of emergency response and action. 

*Director is the Supervisee 

Supervision Modality* 

The Director agrees to the submission of a completed model (template to be provided) prior to each session. 

*Based on the workbook: Spiritual Direction Supervision: Principals, Practices, & Storytelling, Lucy Abbott Tucker 


Prior to each session, a payment of $50.00 CAD is required via e-transfer or PayPal to the Supervisor. Exceptions may be made based on individual circumstances. 

DIRECTOR’S NAME:__________________________________________ 



Signature of Spiritual Director (Client) 

_______________________________________________Date: __________ 

Signature of Supervisor 

_______________________________________________Date: __________ 

The Supervisor and Director abide by Spiritual Directors Int’l, "Guidelines for Ethical Conduct (available upon request). 

Spiritual Direction Supervision Agreement_J.A._revised June 2021 


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