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It is soul and self care.

You meet with a trained Director who gently guides you

in listening to where Spirit* is speaking in your life.


This description of Leonard Cohen’s Grand Tour may also be used to describe Spiritual Direction,

“A place of trust...where they could speak and listen with something deeper

than their social selves and be returned to a penetrating intimacy."

                                                                                                                       *Holy One, Prana, Light, God, Energy, Divine     


Although an ancient practice, Spiritual Direction is finding a renewal in the ways it is offered and received in current times. Today’s Spiritual Directors come from many different walks of life and their training and experience is as varied as the Directees* who seek them out. Whether Buddhist, Islamic, Christian, Jewish, Eastern, Agnostic…. there are Spiritual Directors available for you.



Many consider Spiritual Direction an art form in which the mediums are hospitality and midwifery.

It is a welcoming and non-judgmental relationship between the Directee, Director, and Spirit.

The focus is for the Directee to grow into deeper awareness of the sacredness of life.            


Joan Alexander (she/her)     


Residing on lands that have been tended by many before me.

Phone:    1-250-608-1277          


Facebook:     Joan Alexander Spiritual Director & Supervisor

Instagram:   joan_alexander_sd



Who am I?   

I am a life-long learner trained (2015) by the Haden Institute & Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre to practice Spiritual Direction. Prior to following the call to become a Spiritual Director I worked as an Administrator and a Project Manager. Early in 2020, I studied with Lucy Abbott Tucker to become an SD Supervisor who support other Directors in their practices.


All those who are spiritual but not religious or religious but looking for a deeper faith are very welcome.


My spiritual direction practice is a hospitable place for members, allies and family, of the (2S)LGBTQIA+ community. As a woman who civilly married a same-gender Anglican priest and as the mother of two adult sons, I continue to travel the path of inclusion where Spirit walks with us all.


What happens?     


You email me (or book a complimentary session on Calendly: to set up a one-time appointment at a mutually agreed upon location. I am currently offering virtual sessions on Zoom and in-person sessions in Lloydminster, AB/SK, Canada.

You come with the intention of sharing some of your personal story and where you find yourself now. I answer any questions you ask regarding my call to this work and/or my personal and professional credentials.

We acknowledge that Spirit is always present in the (virtual) space where we meet and we may light a candle, offer a prayer, sit in silence or share a laugh and perhaps shed some tears.     

Individual spiritual direction sessions usually occur monthly and last for 1 – 1.5 hours (including preparation and followup). More frequent sessions may be scheduled depending on your circumstances.

Following our initial meeting and if we both decide to pursue ongoing sessions we will sign an agreement and schedule our next session. We will reassess our Director/Directee relationship at regular intervals (every four to six months).     


I also offer Couple and Group Spiritual Direction (resource: Holy Listening, L. Racht) and Individual and/or Group Dream work (resource: Unopened Letters from God, The Rev. Bob Haden ~ Jungian orientation).



I offer Dream "Mapping" and Dream Interpretation (with a Jungian flavour) within my practice of Spiritual Direction.

                                                           "Dreams have so much to tell us - if only we listen." ~ Joan

Labyrinth Walking:

Have you ever walked a labyrinth - with your feet, your finger, your imagination? I offer labyrinth workshops and walks in my local community and on Zoom. Also, I use labyrinth resources in my practice of Spiritual Direction. 

Confidentiality and Responsibility:  


I will hold our conversations in strict confidence.

Our time together is sacred.

I will not reveal the content of our sessions unless I am required to do so by law or court order (we can talk more about this when we meet, if you like). On the other hand, you are free to share whatever you like with anyone.     


Spiritual direction is not therapy or pastoral care. Should you be a patient or church member who is availing yourself of these types of services, it is recommended that you advise your Therapist, Pastor, and Spiritual Director so that together we may provide the best care possible for you.      


All Spiritual Directors are encouraged to have supervision over their practices and I have a supervisor whom I may take certain issues to. This colleague may receive non-identifying information about a session but Directee’s names and identifying details are never divulged.

Book a complimentary no-obligation session here:


Is there a fee for Spiritual Direction?         Please see Joan's Services.           


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